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Why Socialism

Socialism can free decision-making power from the logic of the individual profit redistributing it through a network of flows of knowledge open to the needs and ideas of all members of society. Its objectives are the substantively sustainable models’ development and the maximum social value creation.
Capitalism is the best achievement that humanity has ever historically reached to organize the production and distribution of goods and services, as well as in rapidly increasing collective well-being.
However, the capital market accumulates relevant data in the hands of a few players who process them into knowledge oriented towards the innovation of goods functional more to the extraction of value than its distribution.
This development model slows down and impedes the creation of social value because it fails to impact quickly on environment, labor, energy, common goods, and economic and social inequalities.

Why disruptive

Disruptive socialism converges the power of artificial intelligence with the creative power of distributed intelligence through an open network in which innovative ideas find a match with technical and creative skills to transform knowledge in all-new disruptive projects oriented to sustainability and social value creation.
All platform users can cooperate, share and continuously improve their knowledge, know-how, and best practices to develop new technologies and sustainable business models, with the massive use of technologies developed by capitalism and the scientific analysis of data.
This model of knowledge socialism continuously extracts new data that allows us to intercept social needs and requirements within the complexity, formalizing knowledge in agile, assemblable, distributed know-how modules shared among all users to accelerate the creation of innovative projects.

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