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Disruptive  socialism

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Platform overview

Disruptive Socialism is an open platform for project design where the best ideas can match with technical and creative skills to develop projects oriented to improve better conditions of the society as a whole.

Members can share their projects and build new ones. They can receive feedback on projects as a whole or a single part, and they can benefit from the collaboration and know-how of other users through the tools that the site makes available and on Github.

Every single project can be built using, reworking, or perfecting shared technology modules developed cooperatively through the construction of the other projects.

Anyone can participate by leaving feedback on all the projects shared on the platform, even without a subscription.

Why socialism must be disruptive

Left can be united again only by enhancing the differences that divide it internally, cooperating to realize all-new disruptive projects oriented to sustainability and social value creation by combining the power of artificial intelligence with the creative power of distributed intelligence.

Left has to unite itself because only disruptive socialism can accelerate the development of new efficient instruments to face all the urgent challenges that a complex world poses to us today. Classical instruments are utterly too slow to solve climate change, poverty, social inequalities, discrimination of gender, race, and religion, and humanitarian crises.

Your ideas can impact the world

Collaborate for free on projects design with your feedback, skills, and ideas!

All projects are public, transparent, and open to anyone’s contribution. No registration is required to comment and make proposals on projects!

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